About Capacity Builders Inc.

Learn why CBI should staff your next project.

CBI Overview
Since 1996 Capacity Builders, Inc. has staffed customer projects across the country including; Material Handling Equipment for warehouses and distribution centers, Retail Store Set-ups, remodels and finish outs, and Plant & Equipment moves and installations. This staffing experience provides an advantage to CBI customers, one you will appreciate.
The CBI Staffing Advantage
  • National Coverage, Quick Response, and Quality Personnel.
  • Capacity Builders provides the benefit of a large human resource operation.
The CBI Benefits
  • Project Oriented Staffing
  • Skill, Dependability, and Specialization
The CBI 10 Point Benefits Package
  1. Operation in all 50 states Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico
  2. National customer service and an interactive website
  3. Quality Skilled Personnel
  4. Equipped Project Personnel
  5. No worker height restriction
  6. Site management support systems
  7. Complete payroll administration
  8. Project Savings
  9. Competitive Rates
  10. Union Contract Administration (when needed)
The CBI Commitment
With CBI, your project will be completed using our exclusive integration of a customer site supervisor (allowing the control of project budgets and work in progress) and qualified crews from the local job site community. Together this partnership provides the best cost, quality, and profitability possible on a project. Please call, toll-free, 1.877.895.9805 to discuss putting the CBI advantage on your next project.