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The CBI Creed
  1. Listen honestly to our customers and create specific staffing solutions.
  2. Overcome staffing challenges through quality control, organizational strength, and responsiveness.
  3. Generate skilled trade applicants by on-going local and internet ad campaigns.
  4. Accomplish a reliable project work force with background checks, drug screens, National Workers Comp, and verification of transportation & past employment.
  5. Integrate candidate ability, skill, and fit into each staffing opportunity.
  6. Anchor twelve years of CBI staffing operations with crew values of Work Ethic, Experience, Positive Personality and Appearance.
  7. Place Dependability and Customer Service as cornerstones of project staffing.
  8. Insure the best value for our customers with a national skill wage database.
  9. Remain performance driven providing project outcomes beneficial for customers.
  10. Successfully advance project by project our customer’s reputation.
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