Job Detail
Apply for the Rack Installer job in Westland, MI.
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Details for the Rack Installer job in Westland, MI:
Positions and Wage:
Rack Installer : $15.00
needs to be able to install warehouse racking, use a drill and be able to lift 75 lbs or more....
Experienced in warehouse rack assembly below 25 feet. Familiar with man lift equipment and its operation. No fear of heights. Assembles off the lift platforms storage shelving, rack shelving, structural shelving and steel shelving systems. Capable of using hand tools, cordless power tools and mechanical assembly tools while handling materials and fasteners. May be required to verify accuracy and quality in accordance with established standards. Familiar with concepts and standards of mechanical practices and procedures for shelving assembly.
Required Tools:
Cordless drill w/ screw and nut driver set, and basic hand tools, drift pin, mallet etc.
Travel Package:
2018-07-24 through 2018-08-08
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