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Details for the Miscellaneous job in Colorado Springs, CO:
Positions and Wage:
Miscellaneous : $1/store
Need an installer/electrician to do measurements prior to relocation of the outlets and after relocation of the outlets that would help figure out whom truly is off a bit. It looks to be off maybe 4-5 inches. The cord needs to go into the display directly and not at an angle. Customer would like to see photos of the measurements and one from the front door please. The store likes the placement of the fixture so the outlets will need to be moved.
Electrician - See project description and duties.
Required Tools:
All pliers, cutters, and electrical hand tools needed to support assigned tasks. Cordless screw gun with screw and nut driver attachments, basic mechanical/electrician hand tools.
Travel Package:
2018-07-30 through 2018-07-30
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