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Details for the Installer job in Colorado Springs, CO:
Positions and Wage:
Installer : $1/hr
Unloading a fixture at Macy's and moving it to the sales floor. Scope of the project is as follows: Crew to arrive onsite at each location with furniture dollies, to meet and unload of the truck carrying the Hanes Underwear fixture(s) at Macy’s loading dock. Unload the fixture off the pallet and wheel the fixture to the Men’s underwear shop where it will be set in place as per the planogram/plans. In the Men’s shop, we will move the old underwear fixture off the pad and move the new underwear fixture into that same location. If requested, we will transfer the boxed underwear from the old fixture to the new fixture, provided we have a planogram that shows the location for the product to be transferred. Transfer the old fixture to the loading dock. Wipe down the underwear fixture(s) and clean up around the work area. Dispose of the debris from the fixture delivery. Obtain signature of visual manager onsite.
Responsible for the reliability and quality of installation of project materials. Maintains schedule of project completion. Installs project materials according to direct supervision instructions. Performs a variety of installation tasks. Reports to a project supervisor.
Required Tools:
work boots, work gloves, general carpentry hand tools...
Travel Package:
2018-09-25 through 2018-09-25
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