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Details for the Installer job in Moses Lake, WA:
Positions and Wage:
Installer : $120/store
Swapping the CharBroil and Weber displays. It will require moving grills first, then displays, then remerchandising the Weber displays exactly as we found them and merchandising Char-Broil according to the planogram. All installers in TouchPoint360 or dark blue/black shirts and introduce themselves as TouchPoint360 employees. Scope: · Swapping Weber and Charbroil fixture · Adjust Grill Position ordering · 2 man job – the free-standing fixtures are heavy · 1-1,5 hours in store including time checking in with department manager
Responsible for the reliability and quality of installation of project materials. Maintains schedule of project completion. Installs project materials according to direct supervision instructions. Performs a variety of installation tasks. Reports to a project supervisor.
Required Tools:
general carpentry hand tools
Travel Package:
2017-08-31 through 2017-08-31
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