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Apply for the Miscellaneous job in Toms River, NJ.
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Details for the Miscellaneous job in Toms River, NJ:
Positions and Wage:
Miscellaneous : $200/store
8-10 hour work day, and in most cases will be shorter, the longest part is waiting on the drywall mud to dry. Below is a summary of the scope of work. Store area of coverage averages 10x12 FT Wall. - Slight demo may be necessary if slatwall exists over cartwell at front of store, remove and dispose. - If vinyl covering exists under slat wall strip it back to a natural break point. - Patch wall to a level 4 finish, - re-skim entire wall if necessary - prime and paint wall corner to corner using color specified by Walgreens - Matching color paint may be purchased at Home Depot and paid by company at check-out. - Take pictures of finished work and get sign-off.
Painter - See project description and duties.
Required Tools:
6-8 foot ladder. Paint tools; brushes, level 4 rollers, roller frames, skim bucket and knives, patch material.
Travel Package:
2017-10-16 through 2017-10-16
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