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Details for the Installer job in Austin, TX:
Positions and Wage:
Installer : $125/store
Directions for the repair: Display table in a modern furniture store sales area has two plug mold power strips and apparently one of them was smoking when they plugged it into the outlet. Need a tech to test both that are within the table and replace the defective one. The replacement is already at the store. The wire comes up the leg of the table and is connected within the plug mold so there may just be a wiring issue that can be fixed also. To gain access the glass tops are fully removable. To be clear the power strip is hardwired to the wire that is in the table leg so unless the wire itself is damaged only the power strip needs to be replaced and the existing wire can stay. We sent all parts just in case the entire power strip including wire needs replacing....
Responsible for the reliability and quality of installation of project materials. Maintains schedule of project completion. Installs project materials according to direct supervision instructions. Performs a variety of installation tasks. Reports to a project supervisor.
Required Tools:
general carpentry/electrical hand tools
Travel Package:
2018-02-15 through 2018-02-15
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