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Details for the Installer job in Omaha, NE:
Positions and Wage:
Installer : $175/store
Instructions: · Store has (5) wire connectors. (They should look like the picture attached) · Typically if a vertical row of shelves are not lit that is where the new connector will be applied. · Wire connects at bottom Back of I beam (in the back behind fixture) Connects to a “T” bar, then to the transformer (see Pic) under bottom shelf · Wires need to neatly tucked and hidden from view Notes: · Check to make sure the wire from the shelf to the “T” bar (or power bar) are plugged in as well. · Check all connections if lights don’t come on when new wires are installed. · If any question (some of these wires are already installed), he can look to see how it was done.
Responsible for the reliability and quality of installation of project materials. Maintains schedule of project completion. Installs project materials according to direct supervision instructions. Performs a variety of installation tasks. Reports to a project supervisor.
Required Tools:
general carpentry/electrical hand tools
Travel Package:
2018-02-17 through 2018-02-24
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