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Details for the Skilled Laborer job in Seattle, WA:
Positions and Wage:
Skilled Laborer : $12.00
1. Person checking in fixtures will have packing list of items coming in on shipment 2. Onsite person checking in items to verify fixture delivery, inspect, verify and photo document the unload and condition of fixtures delivered 3. Ensure items and quantities delivered match sales order 4. Inspect fixtures for transportation damage 5. Take photos documenting fixture condition as fixtures are being handed over to the GC 6. Please note any issues/discrepancies on the packing list
Performs general manual labor tasks including loading, unloading, lifting and moving materials. Assists in a variety of functions with manual labor tasks as needed. Has knowledge of common construction site practices, procedures and concepts. Relies on instruction and direction from supervisor in the performance of assigned tasks. Expected to seek supervisor instruction once assigned task is completed. Capable of general assembly of mechanical parts using basic hand tools. Assist senior level mechanical personnel in complex assembly of systems or machines. Operates as a welder’s assistant.
Required Tools:
work boots, work gloves, clip board, cell phone for photos
Travel Package:
2018-03-01 through 2018-03-01
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