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Details for the Miscellaneous job in Colorado Springs, CO:
Positions and Wage:
Miscellaneous : $125/store
Scope of work: Day Work. Disconnect Power to existing display unit (hard wired, grip lock system). Install supplied twist lock outlet and data port (kits will be sent to the store). Provide all wiring necessary for both electrical and data. Outlet to be tied into a non-switched circuit / Data to be terminated into Port 15 on router switch in stockroom Cords will drop into “access hole” shown on the fixture spec sheets – if you aim for the center you are general good if site condition contradict the floorplan and the fixture is on a floor transition do the following: if fixture is within 14’ of the door shift slightly backwards so the fixture is not on the transition. if the fixture is further than 14’ from the door, shift forward so the fixture is not on the transition. NOTE – we are just installing electrical the notes on the condition are so placement is accurate of the outlet and data port.
Electrician - See project description and duties.
Required Tools:
Need MC to tie into existing Non Switched circuit. Cat 5 data. All pliers, cutters, and electrical hand tools needed to support assigned tasks. Cordless screw gun with screw and nut driver attachments, basic mechanical hand tools.
Travel Package:
2018-05-16 through 2018-05-16
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